Turnover Unit


The turnover unit is used for inverting stamped panels; normally the turnover is placed between Press 1 and Press 2.

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Two separate turning devices units run synchronized without any mechanical connection. Respectively turning device can be moved up and down during production. The Turnover units can be positioned in different width to fit different size of panel.  Side shifting allows different orientations of the panel in the flow direction.


Position and speed are programmed from a User Friendly display. Data for position and speed for respectively panel is stored in the control system. 


  • Fast and smooth movements.
  • Space-saving epicyclical action.
  • Simple and solid construction.
  • Up to eight programmable axes.


Technical Data

Feed direction min 100mm
max 2500mm
Width min 100mm
max 4500mm
Height Adjustment > 450 mm (adjusted)
Weight (panel + tooling) max 130 kg
Speed about 17 stroke/min
Weight 1200 kg
Turnover arc 0 >360° (free rotate)
Side Shifting 500 mm (adjusted)