Friction Transporter


Friction transporters are an excellent solution for safe transport of pieces etc.

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Strong, quiet, durable, and minimal maintenance.



The transporter is a unique pneumatically driven feeder that was designed to solve scrap removal problems efficiently and inexpensively. This beltless conveyor transports the pieces of scrap with an oscillating tray motion. A custom tray is fitted onto the body and the rhythmic linear motion moves the tray slowly forward and then quickly backwards. The metal shavings, scrap, or finished parts are gently shuffled along the tray into a convenient container.

Although air operated, the air consumption is so low that it would be considered insignificant in a press shop environment. The noise level is well under acceptable standards for industrial uses. Install the transporter under any tool and problems with slugs, steel shavings and scrap disappear. The transporter cost a fraction of the price of motorized conveyors. Originally developed to remove scrap from presses, the Transporter is now being used in assembly-type operations to move parts.


Technical Data

x TP-3/KEN 16 TP-10/Q-25 TP-40/Q-50 TP-70/KEN 50
Load Capacity max 3kg max 10kg max 40kg max 70kg
Air Consupmtion 14l/min 20l/min 42l/min 40l/min
Noise 68dB-A 68dB-A 70dB-A 70dB-A
Stroke 23mm 25mm 27mm 25mm
Tray Weight 1.5kg 3kg 15kg 30kg
Weight 1.4kg 2.8kg 7.2kg 5.5kg