Hydraulic Power Pack – HLA-E


HLA is a pneumatic driven hydraulic power pack unit developed for clamps and die lifters. Completely sealed seat valves, safety-relieve valve, float- and pressure switch manometers and approved documentation for electricity/hydraulic is included. HLA is easy to install and adaptable to various circuits and functions.

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Compact design.

Absolutely maintenance-free.



Max 250 bar, normal work pressure 200 bar. Complies with existing standards and safety regulations.



Each power pack unit comes with a control-box, key switches and light indicator for low oil level and/or low oil pressure plinth box with automatics.


To be considered when ordering

State number of circuits and valves as well as required length of cable between the connection block and the control box. Also state voltage to valves as well as existing stop circuits of the press.



An extra vent-function for installation of a pilot- operated non-return valve for each clamp in the slide ensures that the die is still in a secure position during pressure fall. This may occur when for instance there is damage on the hose in the circuit for clamps in the slide.