UniFeeder – Destacker


The UniFeeder's characteristics with free choice of horizontal stroke (X-axis) and extremely good performance of vertical movement (Z-axis) makes it well suited for destacking applications. The UniFeeder – Destacker can be used for blank stacks both on stack carts and lift tables.

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  • Unique algorithms for path planning give fast and smooth movements, this means higher speed of motion, increased production rate and less need for maintenance.
  • Flexible Destacker with Unifeeders, can be built in L-, T- or I-version.
  • Possible to run also Aluminium and welded panels.
  • Vision system for positioning of panel.
  • Many year's experience from industrial controllers and Press Automation contributes to user friendliness and high productivity.


The UniFeeder – Destacker  can be equipped with other Press Automation units like: Fanning Magnet Stations, Magnetic Belt Conveyors, Vacuum Belt Conveyors, Idle Station, Centering Stations, Load Tables and so on. The Destacker is capable to run also Aluminium and welded panels. A Vision system can
be used to positioning the panel to a correct position.