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  • Hydraulically operated Ball Die Lifter, KLH, is especially designed for simple horizontal transfer of heavy dies, for instance the press-tables. KLH is fixed in the T-slots or metric rectangular slots in the press table.

  • Spring loaded tool support. For simple positioning of heavy dies in press-tables. EKM is fixed in predrilled holes.

  • Hydraulic die lifter, RLH, with high carrying capacity well suited for heavier dies. Built in pistons are lifting the entire ledge which then is carrying the entire weight on the rolls. The die can be smoothly manoeuvred. Easily fitted into the T-slots in the press table or into correctly fitting rectangular slots.

  • Pneumatic die lifter, RLP, continuous casting of aluminium with high carrying capacity. Well suited for light and medium weight dies up to 10 tons. Easily fitted into the T-slots in the press table.

  • ROS is a double T-ledge for guiding and clamping the die. OS is built on the same principle but does not have rolls. This because the OS is mainly constructed for mounting on the slide, on presses with a fixed ROS ledges on the press table.

  • Die Rails, VKA and VKS, for press tables and die support are easy to install and they are fitted with the aid of a truck or a crane. For die weights of 3 tons and more, support stand is included.

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items