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Equipment for handling, fastening and lubricating of stamping dies and parts.

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  • HLA is a pneumatic driven hydraulic power pack unit developed for clamps and die lifters. Completely sealed seat valves, safety-relieve valve, float- and pressure switch manometers and approved documentation for electricity/hydraulic is included. HLA is easy to install and adaptable to various circuits and functions.

  • The Lubrication Reservoir is adapted to withstand the press workshops tough environment and dispenses exactly the right amount of lubrication. This allows one to use less lubricant, but also to subsequent operations, like degreasing, etc. can be done to a cheaper cost.

  • The Roll Lubricatior has a minimum consumption of lubricant and it is possible to select lubrication of only one side of the coil/plate. The ball-bearing wear-resistant felt rolls also have a long life.

  • Collect all ferrite metallic waste and items quickly during die change using a magnet. The magnet also does not collect cutting thread oil or lubricant liquids, which is an advantage.

  • Slide adjustment – QS has been designed to facilitate shorter adjusting time of the slide on excenter presses.

  • Spray Lubrication is an affordable alternative to rolling lubrication, because it can be installed in just the right place, for example, point lubrication in exactly the area you want to lubricate. With the newly developed pumps and nozzles you avoid the big problems with oil mist on the premises.

  • Tilt Master is a pillar that facilitates handling of heavy and irregular shaped items into the correct position, without strain and stress. Suitable for inspections and complementary work such as grinding, alignment, welding etc. Your fantasy only will set limits for use of Tilt Master.

Showing 17 - 23 of 23 items